The Unfair Advantage of Successful Customer-Focused Companies


Solve complicated technical tickets without leaving your ticketing system

Rewundo is the secret weapon that Customer Support teams have been missing. Built to be the essential toolkit for Customer Support teams, Rewundo puts the power of resolving technical tickets (quickly) back in the hands of Support teams.


Transforming How Support & Developer Teams Collaborate

By bridging the critical communication gap between Customer Support and Development teams, Rewundo equips Support teams to more easily communicate incidents with dev teams, and even better, resolve most issues DEV-free.


Built for Customer Support Teams, by Customer Support Pros

Rewundo was built by the very users that it was built for. This means that the pains that you feel as Customer Support professional… well, we’ve felt them too. Rewundo was built to remove the roadblocks that Customer Support teams face daily.


Why you have to use Rewundo

“Dev-Less” Problem Solving

The big roadblock that Support agents face when resolving tickets is the need for Developer help to investor customer actions and data. With Rewundo, Customer Support agents can now resolve tickets completely on their own, without needing to loop in a software engineer.

“Eyewitness-Driven” Communication

Rewundo acts as a digital eyewitness, recording all user actions so Support and Dev teams can replay the incident for faster resolution. This means no more time and energy spent by Developers trying to replicate the issue, and more streamlined team communication overall.

Adaptable, Customizeable, Integratable

With Rewundo, you have a complete customizeable, adaptable Support product suite. Rewundo integrates with your existing systems, and will be the missing communication link between your ticketing systems and all your project management tools.

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Our Mission

Here at Rewundo, we have one simple mission: to make the lives of Customer Support agents easier. We strive to be the indispensable tool of Customer Support teams and continue to build and evolve the software for this very reason. It is our promise to the Customer Support community that we will not only work hard to be the tool enabling you to excel at your jobs, but we will continue building fundamental features that will make your lives easier.

Rewundo was built by the very users that it was built for. A customer support specialist, and a veteran developer, got together after realizing that there was one critical need that all Support Teams needed filled: the need for rapid connection and communication between Customer Support and Developer teams.